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Head Airflow 5 Crossbow Tennis Racquet

Head Airflow 5 CrossBow

The Head Airflow 5 CrossBow Tennis Racquet is an oversize lightweight racquet that has the perfect balance of power and control complete with CrossBow Technology.

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  • Technology: CrossBow
  • Composition: Graphite, Metallix
  • Beam:28/29/29mm Tapered Beam
  • Length: 27.0"
  • Headsize: 109 sq in Oversize
  • Weight: 9.2oz unstrung
  • Balance: 36.0cm / 14.2" Head Heavy
  • Swing Type: Compact and Slow - Moderate
  • Rec. Strings: FXP Power     
  • String Tension: 46-56lbs




The Head Airflow 5 CrossBow is an oversized, lightweight racquet with the perfect balance of power and control complete with CrossBow technology for unprecedented power.

The next generation of Airflow racquets has arrived. Steffi Graf together with Team Airflow and hundreds of women from around the world have re-designed the face of inspiration. Still keeping in mind the three basic elements of Airflow, lightweight power, perfect balance and ergonomic grip, the next generation of Airflow racquets adds a new level of comfort and power. CrossBow brings energy from two levels and the HEAD InteGrip controls vibration for ultimate comfort.

HEAD's InteGrip consists of a newly developed dampening material that fits between the two brushed aluminum connectors and the shaft. This provides significant racquet vibration reduction for maximum comfort.


Head Crossbow TechnologyHEAD's innovative new CrossBow technology maximizes energy for optimum power. On ball impact, the bridge flexes independently from the racquet frame, storing energy much like a bow being loaded. This new found energy is unleashed in every shot, providing incredible power. With 10 strings going through the bridge, CrossBow also offers a bigger sweetspot than any other fixed-bridge racquet, providing consistent performance and solid sound.



Head Crossbow Technology

The CrossBow design features a 2-piece racquet: the frame and the bridge.


Head Crossbow Technology
CrossBow acts like a spring or bow and is loaded during ball impact. It is the first and only racquet construction that has a dynamic bridge and stores energy in both the bridge and the stringbed. The stored energy is released as the ball accelerates off the stringbed for maximum power.



Head Stabilizer
Incorporated into the racquet shaft area, the Stabilizer swings on ball impact in the opposite direction to the flex of the frame. This counteracts the frame’s oscillation and is extremely effective in eliminating racquet vibration for ultimate comfort on every shot.











Before producing a single racquet, Head interviewed thousands of women around the world to find out what they really want in a tennis racquet.

  • Lightweight Power-Most women prefer a racquet that feels lighter, but still has the power to put the ball away. Weighting in under 9 ounces, Head's Airflow racquets are light as air, providing a great pick-up feel while still packing a punch


  • Ergonomic Grip-We all know a woman's hand is different than a man's.  Head's unique ergonomic grip is thinner at the top and thicker at the bottom to best fit the anatomical structure of a woman's hand, reducing twist and torque for more comfort and less strain on the arm.


  • Perfect Balance- A traditional lightweight racquet tends to be heady-heavy.  By lowering Airflow's balance point to an evenly balanced racquet, Head engineers created unbelievable maneuverability and handling.

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